• I suspect she thinks she has a shot at the Presidency in 2012 and wants to start planning a campaign.
  • She heard that the moose population have put out a revenge contract on her.
  • She wants to have a life yo?...
  • the media attacking her family
  • probably got a job as a pronstar
  • She is running for president in 2012. The first step is to concentrate on the race. Many people stay in their current office and just ignore it to concentrate on the race but she chose to resign her position instead. Of course she (likely) won't come out and say she is running until further in the game. No one wants to say they are running until it is clear they have some chance. For instance, if Obama has a 90% approval rating rating and it clear he will win she may instead opt to not announce and wait for 2016. If someone else in the Republican party has a clear advantage over her she may not announce and support them instead. ..... but she hopes she can announce and win.
  • Respect for the office?
  • she got her tits stuck in the ringer.
  • Maybe she realised that the job was not what she expected?
  • I think she got a taste of the big time and Alaska is just not big enough for her any more. Either that or she's getting out before some big shoe drops . . .
  • Hi my dear friend, my thoughts are these (for YOUR ears, not the lib's ;)): she got sick and tired of all the media's attacks on her personally and Bristol. If the media and the lib's attack her alone that would be different. But her daughter with a baby is involved and so is her entire family. Even a very thick skinned person would have a very difficult time to defend such DAILY attacks. SHE SAID SHE HAD TO HAVE A FULL TIME PERSON IN HER ADMIN. TO DEAL WITH THOSE. 5+ honey. Great question.
  • she has a book deal with a big advance. so that is something to do. the media have her in the spotlight so she cant wheel and deal as the governor. her family has no privacy. the lt. governor is a great substitute. she says she is the lame duck. quack.

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