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  • Of course, especially if you talk to them on the phone frequently for substantial amounts of time.
  • Yeah, sure. BTW, I've known people who have fallen in love with the toaster and their lawnmower too
  • for sure-short and simple
  • Sure, especially, if you talk a lot. The only difference that you have more chances for a surprise, when finally meeting your passion in person.
  • Yes, I love (not romantic) some people here that I have never met or talked with over the phone.
  • I don't believe that someone can have feelings for someone else that they have never met. Sounds retarded to me.
  • I fell in love with my husband that way, demorgans. We eventually met, obviously, and subsequently married!
  • I highly doubt you could actually fall inlove with someone you have never met face to face. You can be inlove with the image of the person you have built up in your mind from your various online interactions but you can't be in true relationship sustaining love with a person you have never spent a moment of face to face time with. That's my 2 cents worth for what it's worth.
  • It is possible for you to have feelings for the portrayal of an online friend. You cannot have feelings for the actual person until you meet them.
  • I met my wife online. I met lots of women before her, online. You can have feelings for them, but it is not until you are breathing the same air, sitting in the same room, spend time together and eat together that you will know if your feelings are well founded and if it has a chance.
  • It happens everyday. You know that already or you wouldn't have asked the question.
  • Definitely. That's what happened with one of my boyfriends. We met and talked online for about 2 months before we actually met eachother, and by the time that happened, we already had a huge connection and both had admitted that we had feelings for one another. I think it's actually nice to establish that connection first.
  • Yes I believe you can! There are some people on AB I have good feelings about! It would be great if someone here arranged an AB get together don't you think?
  • I believe that is possible, to a degree. I believe you can have feelings that are real for a person you met online, and real feelings at that. However, you cannot, simply cannot, have the deep-seated feelings that come with holding another when they are upset, happy, sad, confused, elated, unsure, orgasmic, depressed, silly, etc. These feelings i refer to, which can be duplicated via remote communication, cannot have the same impact as they do in person, you cannot have a real,solid,connection that will last, until you meet, and celebrate the same bond, together, in person.
  • Yes. I know several people who met online and are now in good relationships. I also have a few good friends online that I have known for many years.
  • You are really dragging the bottom of the barell to get points now lol xand of course you can get feelings.Why? don't you have any for me then?
  • I know this one. I know it because I have been there and done that! You CAN NOT develope true feelings about a person until you are in the same space as that person, breathing the same air, and getting personality vibrations from that person. You can not really love that person until you have both shared some time together, looking into each others eyes. I know because I thought I loved many women, until we got together. Then, I find out their voice drives me crazy, their picture is a 40 pounds lighter and a year old, that they have trouble carrying on a conversation, that they are deep in debt, that they have an offensive body odor or something else!
  • i guess u can fall in love with their personality
  • Sure you can develope feelings for someone you talk to on a daily basis. You can only take those feelings so far until you meet in person.
  • Yes you can and I did. Of course, it depends on many factors including that you have been totally honest with each other about your faults as well as your virtues. Also, that you have chatted intensely for a substantial period of time, preferably with a webcam and had some telephone conversations as well. By the time you meet in person, you already know all about them. Then it is just a matter of confirming that everything is true. We have been married for four years and have two wonderful kids.
  • Yes I like you plenty my friend :)
  • You and I both know that's possible. Or did I already tell you that?
  • Yes, I believe so.
  • in some ways the feelings can be deeper.
  • Yes! yes yes yes lol
  • I did once, we met a couple of times in about four months though.
  • I believe that it's very possible. I've been in that situation myself. In fact, it was one of the best experiences of my life and it is the main thing that taught me what love truly is. My first boyfriend. I liked him before even seeing a picture of his face, before even knowing what he looked like at all other than what he'd say about himself. He'd tell me that if I saw pictures, I would change my mind. I eventually did see pictures (and I have him on Facebook now), and he's not all that bad as he used to say he was. Anyway,...I got along with this guy so well and I remember having really long conversations with him. We both used to say we would never fall for anyone online, and then we fell for each other. In the end, things were ended because of distance and it just wouldn't work out. Also, our religious views don't exactly match and his religion is very important to him. Out of both of my ex's (the one I fell for in real life and him), he was the hardest one to get over. This was way back when I was 13 and he was 15. We'd been talking for about a year and then things just happened. Anyway, ...after my experience with this, and my second boyfriend, and my current boyfriend, current one has shown me that it is really important to me how someone I'm interested in treats people in real life. I can't know that over the Internet.
  • Meeting someone in real life is soooo passe! . I think I could spend my whole life with someone online. . Exchanging body fluids... yech! . You in?
  • I think so.
  • Why not. You don't have to see them to know you mix well together, being without sight probably opens up your sensabilities more too, without the visual to distract.
  • yes, your feelings are real but one must be cautious because it's easy to create a reality in our hearts and minds based on what we want when there is no physical/experiential events to challenge what we have created in our minds/hearts.
  • yer sure! there is one person on here that I have stated to really like and I would check to see if she has commented first, and she always looks for me but she is with someone, if wasn't with someone. I would like to be her friend least, I wouldn't let any thing happen, because I am with someone but we do have a spark, I know she wouldnt say it on here, because her boy friend is on here too, I would not split any one, not now anyhow.(wrong)
  • yes, absolutely. I have met MANY close friends onlline, i also met my husband online. He was in Iraq when we met. I had very deep feelings for him before I ever laid eyes on him in real life. When he came home, I drove to California to meet him when he got off the bus.
  • Its happened to me a few times, but what really counted is meeting that person. Then only love is possible.
  • Not exactly but almost. To be more precise I can't feel someones physical energy from a chat. Furthermore,they can be telling me what they think I want to hear.
  • It is possible. Although you can easily mistake the feelings for something more than they really are - especially when you try to say (guess) how the other person feels.
  • I think people become fond, sweet on and dependent on how they are feeling themselves at having a new person in their life.. but as far as the "love" thing. sorry, but I will never be convinced that is found in text or just on the phone. Eye contact.. seeing and feeling in person.. can never be replaced by the virtual world. I think people build up the other person without even knowing it. Wanting it to be what you feel you need. I think people NEED to feel for others and love the way someone can make us feel so they are happy for the time invested in something that makes them feel good .. for that time.. later I believe many feel the loss of the time wasted - my opinion I think people who meet online.. should hang out offline soon after instead of hours, months .. etc on the phone or online. And for all that different country love connections.. why would anyone go there??? Sure, you can share more info with all the logged hours on the phone or online and think you are getting a deeper connection but I do not believe you are. Real-time in person is where love grows. All that sharing and venting in the hours online and the phone.. is for you.. not the connection between you and another.
  • Sure can!! :)
  • Sure, on a mental level. But it is only true love once you get to see and interact with the person IRL. We learn about people's personalities by watching them relate to others.

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