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  • Yes i have.... It's a turn on for me
  • ewwwwww, watched adam masturbate? that's gross
  • Yeah, its freakin sexy.
  • Just me in a mirror sometimes.
  • Have I watched my friend masturbate several times. It always ends the same way - Me sucking on his cock.
  • I have watched myself masturbate innumerable times.
  • I've had women watch me masturbate on webcam.
  • do trannies count?
  • Once, we were staying staying over at my in-laws place one summer(wife's sister and her husband) I got up for a 2AM snack and I bumped into my wife's little sister, me in my boxers, and her white cotton panties and a thin tank top. We had been friends since we were kinds, so it was not that awkward. We both giggled a bit and sat down to eat. After a little small talk she burst out with, "So my sister told me you have a big dick..." I didn't know what to say, all I could get out was, "Really? She said that?" "Yeah. Do you think I could see it?" I thought to myself what the hell, "alright I guess" and I poked my flaccid penis through the hole in my boxers. "Wow" she was impressed, "how big does it get?" I looked at her and said, "well.." and I started to stroke myself. It was not long before I was fully erect, and I just kept going. We were both straddling the same kitchen bench seat so I had a very nice view of her moist white cameltoe which was now only about a foot away from my dick. I held out for a few more minutes before I shot my load right at her, getting most of it where I was aiming, the crotch of her panties. "Wow, that was hot!" she said "You know, I should probably go take care of this before anyone else sees" she said referring to the cum that she had started fingering as it soaked into her underwear. She said good night with a little smirk then gave me a little wave before she stuck her fingers in her mouth for a taste
  • watched my husband many times,, sometimes we watch each other do it at the same time,,
  • Mmmm hmmm.

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