• Even if everyone spoke the same language it would not help the fact that words do not have the same meaning to each person. Ask everyone what faith means to them for instance and you will get hundreds of definitions. Also, it is very arrogant to think English is the preferred language just because you speak it.
  • No, why would we erase all the different cultures and diversity on earth?
  • Well, it would be convenient for me but it's a pretty arrogant concept.
  • No. A lot more people speak Chinese - shouldn't we make that the universal language? Having one language for all people won't necessarily solve any of the world's problems.
  • Nope! That would suck! Although, even if we did all speak the same language the dialects would change so drastically that I bet we would still need language classes to understand most of the other dialects! =)
  • No. certain concepts would be lost forever if that happened since some things simply do not translate into English.
  • Why english? Why not some other language?
  • More than twice as many people speak Mandarin as their primary language than those who speak English. If we're going with one, Mandarin it is.
  • No..not at all languages are part of cultures and make life a little more interesting!
  • If you put this question up for a world-wide vote, we'd all end up speaking Mandarin. I was confused at first, until I saw that you placed the question in the "Theology" category. So I'm going to go with Aramaic. After all, shouldn't we ask ourselves WWJS (what would Jesus speak)?
  • No way! Cuz then, I wouldn't be able to listen to any cool German Industrial or creepy Latin opera.
  • No mate, culture and history is embedded within each language. If you took that away, you take away that countries identity (its why we in Wales speak Welsh, as we have hung on to our identity). Plus, who is to say that English is the prevalent language, what about Spanish?
  • Viva la difference! ;-)
  • God, no. That'd be terrible.
  • Why not? It's practically that already. Mandarin may be spoken by more people but English is the most widely spoken language on earth already. We could still speak other languages but it would be a good idea if everyone was able to speak a common language. "Modern English, sometimes described as the first global lingua franca, is the dominant international language in communications, science, business, aviation, entertainment, radio and diplomacy. Its spread beyond the British Isles began with the growth of the British Empire, and by the late nineteenth century its reach was truly global."
  • Sure, why not?
  • Nah. That would mean a loss of culture and the like. Not worth it!
  • Hell no. Each language has a whole culture behind it, to force everyone to speak one language would be destroying all that culture and all the etymology tied in with it.
  • No, and certainly not English. It's such a non-descriptive language compared to others. One word for snow, one word for love. It's just not enough or deep enough. I love the variety and color that other languages give to language.
  • Absolutely not! Language is about more than just talking to one another. Languages encapsulate whole concepts and ways of perceiving and processing data.
  • then the "all merciful God" that everybody talks about would have to smite us down with some other malady. Let's just stick with the one we know.
  • The best you force all people to speak English and to forget their original language.
  • Language is the main part of a country's culture. You would destroy the culture of every non-English speaking country? What would be sensible would be if every child, all over the world was taught Esperanto as well we their native language, so that if two people met, no matter their nation or culture, they would be able to understand each other.
  • oh no.... too boring... there are so many beautiful and romantic languages and you choose plain and simple English....
  • I think most languages apart from the English language we could abolish. There should be only 3 languages admitted in the whole world: English/French/Spanish. In China they can still speak Chinese. But there is no need for so many languages and even in Europe we could reduce the language on English and French and therefore all other should be forbidden as it is already done by the European commission. The European community at Brussels is passioately fighting against the German language since more than 30 years and I can understand them very well that the EU would love to see that especially German will be completeley abolished.
  • i think it would make life a bit easier if we all spoke the same language

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