• my fiance sort of does this to me. Whenever we go shopping, which is far away from where we live b/c she's a teacher, she has me follow a strict set of guidelines/rules that we created. Basically I follow her, carrying her purse, into the lingerie section. She'll have me search through the clearance panty section for a specific style or color that she wants, while she browses the regular priced items on the clothing racks. She usually doesn't venture more than 20 feet away from me, so that we she "accidentally" drops any panties, she calls me over to pick them up. For some reason I get very aroused from this. The only time I was really humiliated from doing this is when she made me come over and pick them up in front of a male employee. I had about 5-6 panties in my hands at the time too. When we went to check out, he was the cashier and when he saw the panty that i picked up in front of him he commented with a smirk "I'll try not to drop these on the floor too"

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