• Thata a darn good question. I myself never liked him, and do not know his popularity % prior to 9/11. I did not vote for him, nor could i be convinced to do so. What people "really" vote for in presidential elections evades me. [i think way too many voters think the presidential election is a personality contest] I think Bush did pretty good in popularity, not a ground swell, less then his pr people might have liked ,following his swearing in, but pretty darn good nonetheless. I do know his ratings shot up when he started sending troops overseas "as a response" to terrorism-to 9/11, but after a while, his ratings nose-dived as tax-payers realized the enormity of the investment he made in his "our war" which slowly lead to a steady decline in his popularity. The decline of the entire economy has since followed, declining to the worst since 1929 in many sectors. So to answer your question, too popular to believe that the general public is educated, and/or old enough, to be able to vote rationally.
  • Bush was miserably unpopular, his Presidency was a direct beneficiary of the attack. There is circumstantial evidence that 9-11 was the result of someone’s gross negligence and/or malfeasance in office. Given that he is holding office illegitimately, every official act of his since his inauguration is invalid, including his appointment of the individual who is supposed to investigate the facts surrounding this case. So this investigation is as illegitimate as the election was.

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