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  • Yes actually, quit often, most men really like it when women do. In fact, I'm wearing one right now, and I'm expecting him home any minuet. I also wear lace top stockings, and heels, during sex sometimes, it adds a little spice.
  • Yes. It's very sexy.
  • yes I have for my husband,, and in fact I have worn them to a pta meeting in which my husband wasnt there,,for a while I wore them more than pantyhose
  • Hi, I will go out on a limb here. I am a pre op transsexual, male to female and adore garter belts and stockings. Most men really like it when a woman wears either stockings or pantyhose for that matter with heels. I really like being feminine and sexy for my lover and I am sure the men love us that way. Robyngirl
  • Mmmm hmmm.

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