• The formulas you need are E = IR, and P = IE. E = volts, I = amps, R = ohms, P = watts.
  • You can calculate apparent power with P=IE, but if there are any reactive elements in the circuit, you'll need to allow for them, too. If you know I^2*R you can find it easily.
  • P=IE Where P is power (in Watts), I is current (in Amps) and E is voltage (in volts) You also need the equation for current, derived from Ohms Law: E= IR, which when rearranged gives you: I=E/R Where R is resistance in ohms. By substitution, you can rewrite the power equation as: P=IE P= (E/R)E or P = E^2/R Therefore power for your question would be: P = (200^2)/1000 = 40000/1000 = 40 Watts

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