• No! but I consider living to be a great art ... and each life a masterpiece of it's own
  • yeah sure. an art. dumbass. how's that like? I recently had major surgery and all the while i was thinking 'Gee, i hope if i snuff it here I do it with a bit of artistic finesse.' i don't think.
  • to die peacefully is art
  • It is the very lack of art.
  • "..and I do it exceptionally well..." I think death can be made into artwork, but I'm not sure that dying, in itself, is an art. I think the way people dissected and re-interpreted the deaths of figures like Marilyn Monroe, and Kurt Cobain, and Jim Morrison injected what in itself is essentially a fairly meaningless, arbitrary act and restructured it into something that had a meaning, the last scene of a tragic story. In certain cases an early death appears to inject a life with meaning. By dying young Monroe became an icon, a source of fascination, someone we pin our dreams on- she became a tragic figure. Somehow we forget that by the time she died she was washed-up, at the end of her career. If she'd stayed alive she would ultimately have become ridiculous. But her death froze her in time. I guess that's a kind of art- although Monroe herself wasn't the artist so much as the public. I think we just have a tendency to want to create meaning in the incomprehensible- and what is art if not the search for meaning?
  • Douglas Adams asserted that Bramwell Bronte died standing up, leaning on a mantelpiece, "just to prove it could be done". I have found no other source for this statement, but if true, it would be a bit of Art.

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