• Which country do you mean?
  • In the U.S.? It hasn't gone nearly far enough. Look around.
  • NOT far enough, the fact is in the United States it's a fraud, they infect every Government Job like locust and IF you have ever been denied Governmemnt Services because your NOT of someone else's religous slant you know what I mean, If you don't think there is a password system being used to direct or redirect services you would be mistaken I was even told that I would have to CHOOSE a religion one of the primary 4 you know them , Catholic , Christian, Muslim or Jew ... . been there done that seen it and try and prove it in court impossible it just a puppet BUT : . Fool me once shame on you Fool me twice shame on me Never again .. . $28 trillion and counting and they have no place to hide no one does .. . ~Nemo~
  • Not far enough. We're still battling over whether two people of the same-sex should be able to marry and the arguments are all religious in nature. The hoopla over whether or not Obama was Christian or Muslim is another good example. It should not matter one whit which one he was but it was obviously an issue. Had he ever come out and said he was a Muslim, he'd never have been elected. Religious discrimination is alive and well in the US and it's government.

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