• I have run some computer repair ads on the internet. I have two money orders sitting next to me, still in their original envelopes. No letter was included with these money orders. I had to do some research to try and connect the origin of these money orders with the money orders themselves. I did some research and discovered that in both cases, the money orders are not authentic and by cashing them, I could somehow open myself up to trouble. So, they sit next to my desk, in their original envelopes.
  • Government, Comcast, Credit Cards, the bank, Airline Companies...yes...they all get away with it.
  • The state of california DMV, took my payment for my vehicle registration over the internet. They said they would deduct the money from my checking account as I requested. They never attempted to take it out. Instead they sent me a bill with a 35.00 USD late charge and a bounced check fee. . And a bad mark on my DMV History. Bounced Check is what it said. They lied just to get the extra 35 dollars. No, they didnt give me a confirmation number. I did a screen print for my reciept. It didnt help.

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