• If it can be afforded (by sacrificing vacations, unnecessary expenditure etc) then I believe yes - very much so! A good education is one of the best things a parent can give their children - it will start them off on the right feet and can drastically improve their lives. It opens doors for them. I don't think a private school is necessary since some public schools are fantastic, and even better than some private schools. However spending on study aids, extra tuition if necessary, assisting with college fees, helping the child fund educational voluntary work/internships are important in my eyes. I will not have more children than I can afford to give a good education - I don't believe it can be done on the cheap simply by sending them to any old free public school and buying books and computer equipment. It needs far more investment in my opinion.
  • Of course, education open doors and opportunities for your kid to live a better life, who wouldn't want that?
  • Certainly it is..if you wish them to do well..
  • I hope so, my parents are doing it and I feel bad about what I'm making them sacrifice. However I do great in school so mabye it is worth it - I don't know yet.
  • It is as essential as medical care and any parent who can but doesn't is not only a fool, but not fit to raise children as well.
  • If and only if your child values education and does his/her part by studying hard, appreciating the opportunity and treating it seriously. Otherwise it's a waste of his/her time and your money! :)
  • only if your kid has potential. Lets face it. Some kids are going to be fast food management no matter what college they go to

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