• -- the style of their family members (but often they define their style by wearing/doing the exact OPPOSITE of their family's wishes and habits) -- what their culture requires. In Afghanistan right now, you're wearing a burka or you're dead. -- what their peers are wearing -- how they think of themselves; some people go for a Goth look, some want to look like Renaissance Fair people, some adopt just little hints of those styles (or any other specific style, like Raver style) to satisfy themselves about their own individuality -- what's available in stores. If you can't sew, you're limited to what you can buy. Right now, leg warmers and raccoon caps are not for sale. And monkey-fur coats or leopard coats, for which I am very glad! -- the style worn by their role model: a favorite teacher, athlete, actor, or coach, or fictional character -- remember "Annie Hall" style? :)
  • I alway's looked up to my stepmom and learned her style by watching
  • -How they carry themselves -How they dress -How they speak -The people they look up to or emulate -The people with whom they associate -How they look at others -Their personal hygiene -How they walk -What they read -How they treat others -Their sense of manners and decorum -Their attitude about themselves - cocky-arrogant, or humble or somewhere in-between.
  • My theory is it all comes down to how you feel about life. Look at the grunge style for instance- grunge is about an I don't care attitude. That attitude shows in their style: messy hair, ripped clothing, bulky sweaters... The same goes for punk style- punks are trying to get a message across and they do with bold clothing. There are endless examples. And like in life there are exceptions to my theory.
  • For some, it is not ownership of a mirror.
  • Well mostly it's their personality and how they are and what they enjoy! Well that's the way I choose my clothing!
  • If my son is any indication then we are born with it. He has his very own fashion sense and he is only 5.
  • Lets see. Well dad continues to wear his suit that he bought 35 years ago and will comment on how it looks better now when unbuttoned, when you know his beer gut prevents the buttoning. Always entertaing to go visit in FL. and go to Disney in his classic white shorts, black socks and faded paisley shirt. He's the main factor that has influenced my sense of style.
  • The way you enter a room Your posture and your walk... People with style make specific choices about their appearance, it's never haphazard and there's a certain consistency to it. You're not Laura Ashley this wk and coonskin cap next wk. Having a sense of style is NOT particularly having good taste either. That's something else altogether.

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