• No, I still bike.
  • Yeah,it seems that we are in an age of video games and other technologies that tend to keep kids inside more than out doing things like biking.It's really bad,i think,because kids need as much physical activity as they do mental stimulation! *+++++*
  • The last few days I've actually noticed a lot more people riding bikes around here. It took me a while to realize that summer vacation had started so all the kids are out of school now.
  • There are a lot of bicyclists, kids and adults where I live and we have a beautiful bike path that goes for miles and miles. I just wish more people would use it instead of being a hazard on the roads.
  • Actually, I've seen a rise in biking kids. However, I live in an urban area with sidewalks and bike paths. Maybe you live in area where biking is dangerous, I grew up in the suburbs without any sidewalks or room on the side of the road. Riding a bike anywhere was hazardous.
  • Probably for the same reason parents are less likely to let their kids play on their own... fear of kidnapping.
  • The reason why you don't see many kids riding bikes anymore is because the Millenial and Homeland generations (Generations Y and Z) have all these structured activities. Therefore, they don't have the free time to ride bikes, due to the fact every waking moment of thier lives have already been planned and scheduled for them.
  • or maybe because it looks dorky to wear a helmet. i know i stopped riding my bike because i got made fun of because i wore a helmet.
  • We just had two families move in with kids, so I am seeing a lot more.
  • There are still lots of young'ns and a few elders that ride their bikes around here......
  • there's skateboards and razor scooters now. I still remember that toy that looked like saturn. put your feet on the sides and the ball is in the middle and you jump around. kids these days are obsessed with computers and video games....
  • Probably b/c if they're not playig video games, or on the Internet, they're getting carted over to someone elses house in the SUV so they can to play video games or get on the Internet over there :-)
  • I ride my bike to school most days of the week, although I don't manage to get out to just ride for the sake of riding all that much anymore. Earlier in the year and at the end of last year, I would go out a few times a week to go for a bike ride, sometimes being out for a couple of hours and ending up on the other side of town. Sadly school is a lot more work this year and I hardly ever find the time for it.
  • I don't think that it has gone out of style as much as jerks have somehow come IN style who would do harmful things to children. It's sad to me because I wish so badly that our kids could have the same freedoms we did to roam around a little more than up and down one block of sidewalk. It's a different world than it was back when I was a kid on a bike, and that makes me sad.
  • My son has a bike, skateboard and Rip Stick. He rides the bike and RipStick the most. +5

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