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  • I severly doubt it. I don't see how it could beat nuclear apocalypse or terrosism so...
  • No; I believe there are too many more important issues to deal with in the world such as Murder, terrorism, Rape, Child Abuse ...etc ..
  • Sexual harassment is a toy of prospering societies with culturaly repressed sexuality. No potential in other societies and other than prospering times.
  • I don't think so. +5
  • No, not even close compared to the wars, extremism, epidemics, environmental issues that we've seen over the past decade. Women are particularly lucky in the U.S corporate world where they're heavily protected from laws and policies that prevent sexual harassment. Women's rights have gone a long way in the US. I've been told stories about other places like Japan where there is no virtually no protection. Women are forced to go out to bars after work with their male bosses, and they can't do anything when they force themselves on them. They can claim sexual harassment, but no company will hire them after their claim. I would go so far to say that in many industries women have an advantage over men in the US. From my experience, I have seen women use their assets to get what they want, and if things ever go wrong they can always claim sexual harassment. A guy could have his career burned over sexual harassment.
  • I would say that in many societies it already is. Is just a way of life for women many places completely dependent upon men and with few resources of their own. In fact so everyday they may not even use the term. In the U.S. we recognize it and often even stretch it to include so amazingly many things but to some extent we have recourse against it which I would guess most women around the world do not.

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