• Hmmm no ~ I dont know that I've ever asked ~ or I've forgotten that I did! Now I have to ask (again?) :)
  • My first name, they've really never answered to my satisfaction. They were always kind of closed off when I asked. The best I can make of their answers was that they kind of liked my first name. My middle name is obvious where it came from. No need to ask (family name).
  • I was named after my father, who was named after his father, making me a 3rd. That tradtion no longer applies in my family. Both of my sons have individual names.
  • Same first name as my father. My Initials are the same as his but my middle name is different.
  • My brother was supposed to be a Jennifer until he rolled over and became a boy, and got named William after our grandfather, who helped fund the start of the Church of Scientology. My first name was assigned because Hart to Hart was on TV when my mum woke up after her c-section and she liked John Hart. My parents refuse to tell me where my middle name Alexis comes from...
  • Yes, named after my grandfather and uncle.
  • yes my first name had something to do with miss great Britain or something lol but i dont have a middle name.
  • My dad picked out both my first and middle names. I'm not sure where he got my first name, but my middle name is also one of my cousin's who was born exactly a year and a day before me.
  • yes,,,something to do with where i was concived !!
  • Mine's a pretty simple story. I'm an only child and a Jr.
  • I only have a first name. My mom named me after her best friend.
  • First name because I was due on 12/8 (it is a Catholic holiday of obligation honoring the mother of Jesus - Mary)Middle name after my mother's grandmother.
  • My middle name is my father's first name, and my first name is after the archangel Michael.
  • My first name was given to me from my father's mother who died when she was about 27 and giving dad was only 10 when he lost her. My middle name was given to me because of one of my mom's sister. I don't like my middle just doesn't go well with my first....unless you say it in spanish. The sister doesn't talk to me since my mother's death....her and her sister's are mad that my mother left me 27 acres that used to be the family's but they all signed it and left it to my mother about 10 yrs before she died. I have no family on my mother's side except for about 4 cousins that still talk to me....they are all messed up there on the reservation!
  • Yes, they did. I was supposed to be a boy and named after my father. I am a girl, named after my father, only femine and backwards. (his first is my middle, his middle is my first in the femnine form of those names)
  • Yes my name is an ancient royal city in Egypt and my parents love egypt and go there to holiday often so they named me Amarna.
  • My mom heard my first name on a show (all my children) and liked it so she used it as my first name and my middle name is a flower.
  • Named me for my grandfather's full name.
  • There was no real reason for my first name, they simply had a choice of around seven that they couldn't narrow down any further and so they gave the list to my older sisters who chose their favourite, so it was really them who named me....I think my middle name was the same, just a name they liked that went well with my other names.
  • Yes. They named me Barry Reginald, hoping that someone would think I was important and would steal me.
  • Yes, I was named after my mother's two best friends... Christina and Alice... As a matter of fact, right up and until I was projected from my mother's womb, I was suppose to be a girl... I was going to be Christina Alice... But it shocked everyone, apparently they missed "something" in the sonogram pictures... So Christina Alice, became Christopher Allen...
  • Yes......they correspond to the letter of the cell blocks they were assigned too. I would'nt exist if it were'nt for conjugal visitation......
  • Well, I'm a "junior" [my dad was 'philosopher-king'], so by the time I was 34, it became 'self-explained'. ;-)

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