• just save
  • not having lunch anymore not buying newspapers ,not owning a car,or cellphone, tore up 2 credit cards, no vacations , and cut back on cable...
  • 1.Cooking more at home. 2.Shopping smarter. Coupons coupons, coupons!Instead of buying sugary marinara sauce, I can hit discount grocery outlets and buy crushed tomatoes dirt cheap and make better sauce that is better for me. I buy rice in bulk. I find good sales on frozen produce that keep longer than getting all produce fresh. Frozen fish is also a much better discount than "fresh" fish. Unless you get it right off the boat, the "fresh" fish is actually not that fresh in comparison since it is actually sitting on ice for hours instead of being frozen in it's fresh state. 3. I make a lot of things that people often buy like hummus from scratch instead of overpaying at the grocery. Many commonly eaten foods are easier to make than people think. 4.Looking at ways to consolidate or lower bills. I switched my phone service to my cable provider and saved $20/month and actually got free long distance in US and Canada. 5. Look to nature when you can. If you can actually plant food, do so. If you can harvest wild food , do so. I'm sure wild blackberry season is coming and i will likely spend a couple of days picking like crazy and freezing some.
  • Totally 100% Broke!!! I can't even afford to pay attention. lol Eating at home instead of dinging out is one way to save. Also buying the generic brands of some items. Don't water the lawn as much will save on the water bill. +5
  • My retirement is down the crapper, my salary has been cut, everything from groceries to gas have gone up. How again am I supposed to save money?
  • I'm broke, so to save money I only ware cloths Half the time.

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