• It's against the law because government wants to legislate what goes on in the bedroom as well as crawling up inside a woman's uterus afterwards to legislate what goes on there. As far as I'm concerened objections to prostitution are pretty religion-based which, of course, should have absolutely no impact on lawmaking. I think it would be safer for all parties if it was a legal, regulated industry (hey, if porn can do it,why not prostitution?)
  • Only one consenting member of a family. The other member is normally left devastated that he/she has been cheated on by someone who they considered their life partner.
  • Taxation, healthcare, and protecting 'Little Jenny' are not the real issues here. The Law is supposed to define our moral standards as a society. That's why Roe V Wade was such bad law. It codified the idea that in our society, it is perfectly 'legal' to kill the most helpless human beings in existence. Not only can they not fight back, they cannot even scream out their pain, muffled as they are in blood-tinged amniotic fluid. In the same manner, the legalization of prostitution would make a social statement that it is okay to treat women as a mere commodity, to be USDA graded, inspected, and approved. It also provides straying husbands the option of 'safely' disregarding his vows to love, honor and protect his wife. Why work out marital problems when it is so much easier to just ignore her needs and desires, and plunk down $20 for a one-night quickie? Never mind that condoms are notoriously worthless 10% of the time. You won't hear this anywhere else, but logically, if you use 10 condoms, you can EXPECT one of them to fail! How many failures does HIV require to gain a foothold? How's your luck these days? We already have laws that effectively make children wards of the State, with parents mere proxies for power-addicted bureaucrats. If you refuse to raise your own kids in accordance with the wishes of whatever Legislator you have the misfortune to live under, your children can and will be removed from your care despite Biblical counsel and the First Amendment. A law legalizing prostitution would enslave yet another class of Americans, making an even greater mockery of Freedom than that under which we currently live. Societies are based on ideals. We must always be very careful when choosing new ones. Is this really what we want for our children?
  • You're right in one respect - sex should not be illegal. However, CHARGING for sex is the issue here, not the sex itself. I'm all in favor of governments regulating prostitution. We've seen this become effective in several European countries. Paired with mandatory health and STD checks, it would make a lot of sense.
  • +3 In UK and many European countries prositution is not against the law. Soliciting for clients in a public place is but not prostitution itself. Many prostitutes operate legally by getting customers by word of mouth. Being a pimp is I think not legal as it is classed as living off immoral earnings or some similar term. . However, I know that it's different in the US and regarding your question; I don't know why it is. It shouldn't be though. One of the arguments for homosexuality and the legalization of same sex marriages is that if it's two consenting adults who are not harming anybody else by their actions then it should be allowed. Why should the same principle not be applied to prostitution?
  • Prostitution has secondary costs that must be paid by society. Drug addiction, assault, disease and divorce exist don't depend on prostitution but they thrive on it.
  • Perhaps because along with prostitution comes drugs, pimps and organized crime?
  • Because we are humans, not animals.
  • read the above link and you may gain some insight into the "consenting adults" who are involved in this trade. prostitution victimizes the women who are involved, often because they are simply desperate. prostitution often leads to sickness, addiction, suicide, crime, and death. women are beaten, raped (yes, a prostitute CAN be raped) and abused because they are seen as pieces of meat with one purpose, to satisfy the demands of the perverts who use them. think of this, if your sister came to you saying she was considering being a prostitute what would your advice be? or what if she were your daughter? these women who are treated like trash, are loved and grieved over by someone, somewhere.
  • Because we're still governed by a Puritan ethic. This is why you can't buy alcohol on certain days of the week, why nude and semi-nude beaches are so hard to find or get to here, why (some) drugs are illegal and why gambling is so strictly regulated, among others. They're called "victimless crimes" for a reason: there is no victim. The idea that these "crimes" generate secondary crimes and that "society has to pay" for it all is meaningless and ridiculous.

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