• I didnt do my homework. I said it a lot. It was always awkward.
  • "Blow me, bitch."
  • the most awkward thing i've ever said to a teacher would have to be "yea well fuck you!". i had a bad day. my english teacher threatened to sue my friend ben for sexual harassment because when she was bent over he got up and pretended to hump her. she saw everything he did through the mirror in front of her XD
  • So there was this time in math class where there were kids who fucked with me so instead of responding to them i wrote "Fuck you" on my hand and showed it. Well the bastards said out loud "Hey teacher ryan wrote F-U on his had - i panicked and wiped it off, she came over - i said no i didnt, and she asked why my hand was red, and for some reason i said "Becuase i was masturbating"
  • I once asked an English teacher, "Have you always been this dense, or have you suffered a recent head injury?"
  • Hello!!! and that's the truth!! Oh wait there was one other time, but I didn't say much. Ouch.........just stood there all googlie eyed, frozen (well sort of), what a hunk, gorgeous hunk. I was embarrassed....the next day.
  • When I was 7 I told my teacher Santa Clause wasn't real, that was awkward enough for the rest of the students, haha. I also argued with my teacher about how many vowels were in my name. O.o But I was right, you see, she wasn't exactly the brightest bulb. My family put me in different school after that year.
  • I called a teacher a f*cking b*tch once. That was pretty awkward. I got in a little bit of trouble for that one.
  • "Where is your god now?"
  • This isn't the worst thing I said, It's the best thing I did, though. I was a student at Triton College years ago. I was taking Court Reporting and the machines were expensive. I had to rent mine with option to buy because I didn't have the cash. I was a few days late (about 3) with my monthly payment and the Dean called me out of class and took my machine, and was so snotty about it, I was freaking out. I worked at Amling's Flowerland and I sent flowers to all my friends and charged it to the Dean. He never figured it out either. He was an asshole and I'm still not sorry.
  • i have alway been respectful to them but recently i should have received an A in a class but the professor gave me a B. even after i showed him that i had accumulated enough points, he refused to change the grade. so i sent him a dildo to his office with a note saying go fuck yourself, i just wish i could have been there when he opened it. i hope that others were...+5.
  • When I was in the sixth form (aged 17 or 18) I told my biology master that his fly was open. It was about the bravest thing I had ever done up to then. I thought the heavens would fall; but they didn't. He said 'Thanks for telling me', did himself up, and carried on teaching.
  • "If you fell off those stairs you would fall and f**k up your head" - 2008-11-19. I thought it was a buddy that didn't mind cussing. It wasn't; it was a young teacher. I was in 10th grade at the time, in a 10th-12th grade building. Needless to say I pretty much stopped cussing after that!
  • Ma'am that was a stupid question.
  • In this situation my teacher said something awkward not me. Kay so it was like grade 5 and PJ day was coming up ( you wear your Pj's at school 4 a day). So to my teacher i was like:"Yea i don't think i will wear Pj's for PJ day." and she was like.."Why not?" I just kinda shrugged it off and she continued: "What do you sleep naked or something?" D: That made me feel a tad' bit weird......
  • She asked me to come to the board to solve a problem and I said "No thank you, I have a boner".

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