• its not the best but im happy thats all that matters
  • Crappy, but I've been in much worse places before.
  • it's pretty effed up, changing asap before it gets anymore chaotic!! lol +3
  • Pretty damn good actually. High Rise Co-op in Manhattan & home in Long Island. I do miss my girls a lot though. I am on L.I. to see them on the weekends and they do come into the City fairly often! What about you Polly?
  • ..I'm good for now..landlord is keeping rents down and my neighbors are awesome..might think about a roomate in the future....idk
  • Would be better if I were back out in the country, but I really can't complain. Where I live has lots of trees, birds, squirrels, quite street, house behind fence with locked gate. Its good.
  • I love my living situation. With a few improvements, it would be perfect.
  • Well, that's a hard question to answer when one doesn't know what he wants. I'm torn between a life of luxury in upper Milwaukee being a manservant for a woman who makes about $6mil a year working for NewsCorp, making 4 grand a month, and living out on a self-sustaining ranch out in rural Oregon, building mud-huts and yurts for a living. Either way, I'm nowhere near where I want to be living - I got kicked out of the place I was staying because I put my friend's mom's ketchup back in the pantry instead of the fridge, and now I'm living in a walk-in closet in the chateu I'm working on for the NewsCorp woman. It could be better, but I get free rent and power, so it's hard to say...
  • it's not what i thought it would be by now but can't complain about it neither.
  • It is as ideal as you can get it. I live with my wife and 3 sons. After growing up in an abusive environment, and living in college dorms and military bases, with guys and girls all over the country, and in all types of housing, living in my own home with my wife and family is ideal.
  • With the grace of God, I am happy the way I am living... a great wife and a smart son, both love me so much... what else do I need ?
  • My material position is in the pits but my spiritual situation is the ultimate happy state.
  • ideal for me 85%, for rest of world i can't say.
  • Decent....Been blessed that way...He's been kind that way
  • not ideal +5
  • I live alone, so I can do what I want when I want. On the other had, there's no one here if I need help with anything.

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