• Get him drunk first, then come right out and tell him. Over the telephone. From another state. +5
  • Be honest and straightforward. If he gets huffy about it, remind of Jesus' attitude regarding forgiveness, turning the other cheek, and love.
  • I did it to my father's face and told him why. He didn't like it, but wasn't anything he could do about it.
  • I would start by not using the word "strayed". You're an adult now, yes? That means you're entitled to make your own choices about deeply personal things like your religious convictions. It also means nobody else has a right to tell you what you should think or believe. So take a stand for what you think is true. And don't let anyone intimidate you -- or guilt you -- into saying other than what you think is so. Most parents will always love their children, even if they are disappointed. That's probably true about your father too... he may get angry, he may be disappointed, you may lose some of his approval. But you'll gain yourself, which is worth a lot more.
  • +5. Just tell him straight out. Your father will respect you for it

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