• Yes they are. I got no complaints.
  • yes i think so.
  • My Mother was beautiful and taught me to dance. My dad was a gambler and taught me to drink and gamble. They were keen parents.
  • yes wonderful,,,,i think i'am very lucky ,,,,there allways there for me,,,,
  • Hell yeah and still are! : )
  • As far as parents go they were alright, They never hurt me but they were a lot stricter than I am. They didnt spend money on their children like I do.
  • I was blessed with wonderful parents......
  • My parents were good parents. My father could have been better without his smoking.
  • Absolutely i think i am one of the luckiest children who get such a good and nice parents. No objection.I love them and they care for me.
  • Absolutely i think i am one of the luckiest children who get such a good and nice parents. No objection.I love them and they care for me.
  • My parents did the best they could with what they had. I turned out pretty MAJOR psychosis, I'm not a serial killer or pathalogical liar (or am I?) so, yeah, they are.
  • Yep... I may not have thought so at the time, but being a father, now, myself, I see they were. And, I learned (and AM learning) a lot from them:
  • My parents were great. They still are! Loving, caring, non judge mental, accepting of others, encouraging, always there whenever they were needed, always welcomed anyone into their home. They are not just my parents they are my friends!
  • more than good,,allways there when i need them,
  • My dad was great. My mother was a witch with a capital B
  • they expected a lot more from me than I was able to give out. they expected me to welcome the chance to play inthe school band. they thought i would love debate. they didnt understand why i chose choir over gym. i took shop because i couldnt take home ec. home ec was for girls. I took piano lessons from my french teacher. i did failing work in french class. they had me late in life and i never caught on, like my Dad thought I would just catch on. does anyone know what that means?
  • My parents were human and had some faults, but they were the best. Anyone that thinks of others before themselves and lives their lives around their children and family, deserve the highest honors in my book. Bless all parents who are like them too.
  • Good question! My Mon was a good person, but cold and distant. My Dad was an asshole, who abandoned me when I needed a dad most.
  • They are the best
  • Very good parents. My mum made some big mistakes with me which had a very negative impact upon my life for a while, but she is only human and we have got through it now.
  • Nope from my studies I should be abad bad person mom kills dad brought to WV to be a slave to the family & local community beaten by grand parents and family later school, why not his own family did it combining that with the ex killing the babies that wer going to be my family, well lets just say it's not a pretty emotional picture. On the bright side noone attacks me anymore well that wants to be functional any more. All and all I crushed the odds, but it is nice to have a mental reserve to fall back on if someone attacks me.
  • i think my parents try to be good parents, but its like they've given up. They've both had 3 other kids and now its just me and its like the cant be bothered anymore, but when they could it was great =D
  • My parents are both deceased. They, in my opinion, were, with few exceptions, pretty outstanding at parenting my Sister and me. I wish every kid today could have parents like our Mom and Dad were. +5
  • Sure.But the primary status goes to my Guru and then my parents!My Guru gave birth to a new me!

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