• I don't worry about identity theft, mainly because there isn't a criminal alive that would attempt to steal my identity. With my lousy credit rating, all they would get is turned down by all the credit card companies.
  • I don't worry about using my card online, but I am careful. I make sure it's a well-known secure site (https).I use Paypal when available as extra protection, and I check my credit history regularly.
  • Yes I certainly do. I worry more about credit card number theft, this is the reason as to why I never buy online.
  • I use the internet to purchase items fairly often. I have never had a problem, however my card allows me to look at my account online, so I keep a close eye on it just to be prudent. My card also has protection against identity theft too.
  • I have bought things online for almost ten years and have yet to have a problem. I use secure and protected sites and like another user stated.. I use Paypal. ..and it is not off of my main banking account. My mother fell victim however to the Paypal/Ebay scam that went on and it took her a year to get her grand back.. however, it was her fault in her innocent ignorance of clicking on the links that say they are from the reputable site, needing you to update your info. I never fall for that stuff.. if they want something from me.. they can contact me in person or I totally ignore them. Getting your money back from places that are not governed by the same laws we have in the US is almost impossible because they are not under the same laws.. I would be very careful with links requesting your personal information. I have never received an email from the actual company asking for such things because they already HAVE my info.. it has always been outside people trying to get my info who have sent such emails.
  • Experts say that if you use a secure and reputable web site, then it is much safer than handing your credit card to a real person, such as at a store or restaurant. Giving your card to a person increases the chances that someone will copy down your number. Most online sites process your credit card securely through a bank without anyone seeing the number.
  • My friend has had her idenity stolen and it wasnt even online her ex-boyfriend,had a herion addict frierd who stole her id got caught shoplifting and now my friend keeps getting in trouble for warrants that arent hers
  • I prefer not to buy things online, but if I have to, I have no problem with it. I use sites like Amazon all the time.
  • Any transaction in the internet offers risks.You must take care of using unsecured websites.Don´t make internet transactions in public places only in the privacy of your home. This link could be useful to decrease your risks:
  • I use Paypal and never read any mail sent claiming to be paypal, especially when they refer to me as Dear customer, I forward them to their fraud department and always get confirmation that they did not send it to me.
  • Yes I do. I don't order anything online at all because of this problem.
  • I have bought things online for 7 years and until this past Tuesday have never had problem. I use secure and protected sites (or so I thought). Tuesday morning I went online to my bank to check which things had cleared my account. There was a charge for $255. on my debit card. It said "paypal *****( I did not put in the word that is there, being I later found out that it was the sellers name from ebay)$255 07/09/2007. I do not use Paypal or Ebay and never have. I called my bank and reported this. They would look into it. I decided to look for info online. I put the info from my online statement in search engine. And several things came up, all linked to ebay. So I followed one of the links, it goes to the sellers page. At this time I called paypal to report use of my debit card. The paypal rep asked me for my account info and she would look into it. I informed her I do not have a PP account. so she asked me my name last 4 digits of card. well....I not only found out some one has my card info( because I have the card), but they opened paypal account (in my name) using same info. They have my billing info, but are using a shipping addy in Europe. After looking alittle more at this PP account we also realize they have a phony address in my name listed with PP. When my bank let this purchase go thru it caused 2 of the checks I had written to bounce. So at this time my account has the $255 charge, and fees ($88. and $70) for bounced checks. It is now Thursday I have had to make 2 deposits ($150 & $350) to keep from anything else bouncing. And still waiting for bank to rule it debit card fraud so I get my money back. Needless to say I asked my bank why a charge was approved when the amount was more then what I had in account at the time. I was informed "it must have slipped thru". I have found out I would of been better off if someone had stole the card, instead of someone stealing my info when I ordered online . I was also informed that the rules and reg of Paypal cover people with accounts not people whos info was stolen and used to open account. To be honest after contacting the seller. I am wondering if buyer and seller are not one in the same. He offered to go back to post office and stop shipment.And mail me a check to cover the charge if I did not get PP involved. Takes to long( his words. This has been a nightmare. It makes a person feel violated. Everytime I used internet to purchase or pay bill, I believed the sites were secure. I no longer believe this.
  • No website is 100% safe. Never give your credit card numbers or personal information to anyone, especially buying on the internet. hackers are always standing by to collect your credit information and use it for their own benefit. Once your information has been violated, it will take you the rest of your life to recover. I see this every day.
  • Yes i checked my online credit card statement, to find a scandinavian airline payment had taken £330 from my account!!! who ever did it it bloody stupid as they wont be able to use the flight as have reported it and rang the airline, only used it twice online and noone else has access to my card.....pain in the backside as it will take a month to get back :(
  • I'm not worried about identity theft through using a credit card online. I'm concerned, however, if I need to give my social security number online. I don't buy many things online, but if I don't particularly trust the merchant, I'll use PayPal with my credit card. I have $0 liability for fraudulent use. (The federal law is a maximum of $50 per card.) It's simple enough to change a credit card number.
  • Na, I don't care if someone took on my debts :)
  • Probably not as much and most. I don't have a credit or debit card. My only worry is that someone could take money out of my checking account.
  • I try secure sites... and, there is no much to steal! LOL

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