• it used to,but not anymore.
  • Yes, I asked 2 questions which i thought were definitely worth discussing (ie 1 "Do you agree that barbara streisand looks like a confused duck" and 2 "Does anybody else think that the beatles are dying in the wrong order")And they were both practically ignored, that made me a sad panda.
  • One of the great things about this site is that the questions and answers have no time limit on when they can receive credit. Many may go unnoticed for a long time then all at once the question is answered and brought back to the front of the main page and others may then appreciate your contribution and reward it accordingly. Yes it can be somewhat discouraging when we feel like we put a lot into something and yet no one seems to care. But we should all be willing to look past the points and see that we are all just really here to help others.
  • Nope, I'm not here for points. I really don't care how many points they give me, it wouldn't be enough to keep me here if I wasn't helping people and enjoying myself. I mean really, what are the points worth? Can you cash them in for anything?
  • No, I can't get too upset about it. I noticed recently that many, many questions I answered have received 0 points. A few of them were serious questions, and I hope the information I provided assisted the Asker in some way. Sometimes silly or trivial answers I give earn points, while others do not. And, having been here now only one short month, I have noticed that I am still earning points on some of the earliest questions and answers I contributed. Sometimes I have been unintentionally guilty of this myself. If I don't receive notification of activity on a question, I forget to go back and check. And I still owe several people comments (and perhaps points) on a question I asked about concerts. I want to listen to every youtube and other link provided before I comment to each. If they took the time to post it, I need to take the time to listen to it. Bottom line is, if you are here on a competitive basis or just to earn points, you will always be frustrated and feel the site is unfair. If you are here to contribute, help others, learn and just enjoy yourself, you will always be appreciative. Best Wishes! :-)
  • Maybe some members have not come around yet to seeing your question or answer.
  • no. there are many reasons why no one might respond to your Q&A ~ maybe no one agreed with you, or your thoughts rubbed them the wrong way or they misunderstood your point. maybe there was an error in the post you didnt catch. or maybe you had a revolutionary idea that others havent wrapped their brains around yet. maybe no read it. there are many reasons why people wont give you points. dont let that discourage you. keep sharing. if it was truly a brilliant post and no one got it, well maybe some will one day. brilliant ideas arent always easily and readily accepted by the populace. great minds throughout history have been accused of being heretics or ignored for their contributions (e.g. galileo accused by the church as being a heretic). we are all here to learn and share. if you have an important contribution, go for it. now that being said, if you have a great answer, the least the questioner could do is acknowledge you with a courteous "thanks for answering" reply.
  • Sure, it gets discouraging when I spemd a lot of time preparing an answer for a highly technical question and then get no points for it, or someone even dings me for a minor typo or something, especially when I see an answer to "What's your favorite colour?" that has 2700000000 points. But then I remember that this is mosly a social site, and it's fun to make new friends and just chat with people. The Q&A format here makes it easier to get discussions going than just being plopped in a "chat room" and left for the participants to get the conversation going from a vacuum...
  • Yes, it does irriate me. it also irrates me when I ask a great question and they remove points cause it bothers them...I hit a nerve
  • Irritate? No. Disappoint? Yes, kind of, sometimes. What irritates me is answers (or questions) that are unintelligible.
  • nahh, i only get really pi$$ off :P
  • A little.
  • Very difficult questions or very specific questions sometimes stay very long unanswered - or get ignored altogether. But a great proportion of question gets answered, even if you just get a reply. Many educational questions get very few answers, and you often don't get any other points than those from the asker. And some askers won't give you points. Many of your answers won't become any feedback of any kind. It is a general rule and it has not anything to do with the quality of your answer. Some answers just don't get read, for instance because there is few interest for the question. My first gratification for my answers is the fun at looking for them. That is what I get when I don't get anything else. Don't concentrate too much on points, some users don't care about them at all and won't give them, but they could still read your answers or answer your questions.
  • It is disappointing, but that's the reason we're here ... to interact and see what others think. No points or comments just means that either it's not interesting or has not been seen or read yet. With what, hundreds of questions a minute, you can't believe that people will get to them all! I find it's good exercise of the mind (and the typing fingers) to answer questions, regardless of points or comments. At least you verbalize your thoughts and see them on the screen in front of you and can critique them yourself! Hard to do when they're just random thoughts swirling around in your mind!
  • It did bother me a tiny bit at first, but after more than two years of many of my answers going unrated, it no longer bothers me at all ... enough of my answers did get rated eventually to put me up levels to where I am now, and some of my old answers are still getting rated years later ...
  • Yes ++++

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