• No, I think it's absurd to have a "free country" in which people are required to participate in demonstrations of loyalty or respect. That's a contradiction.
  • It is a piece of cloth! Besides, in some religions worshiping false idols is a sin, so they would get punished either way. That would be bad for mental health rates.
  • No. It's a small exercise of freedom, and the last I checked, it's *still* the good ol' US of A, no?! ;-)
  • No. Because being able to do something unpopular like that is the essence of freedom.
  • No. It would be absurd to punish someone for something that silly. I love america, and I believe that forcing people to salute the flag would contradict the very thing the flag symbolizes.
  • Are we forgetting the brave men and women who are fighting and dying for that flag at the moment. What a question ? Thank God for America,salute the flag and if you want to exercise your right to not salute please do so as you leave the country
  • No they shouldn't. Betsy Ross... Wasn't that special.
  • I'm not sure what this question is referring to. The only people required to salute are military or maybe law enforcement folks as far as I know. Those people should only be punished because they agreed to that requirement when they signed their life away. I don't know of anyone else who would ever salute the flag and a citizen of the general public would never be asked to salute.
  • no cause everyone has a right to their freedom

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