• You must have just finished reading "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder." No WMD's, the threat was hyped, and the truth was stretched. A connection with Iraq was manufactured. Yeah, we knew all that. Did you just find out?
  • the deceit must have been really successful - they managed to persuade how many millions of people to re-elect them!
  • While I agree with your hypothesis that the admin was rawther shady and hateful, the other piece of the pie is a panicky and complicit public. Yes the fear was hyped but you can't hype something if you don't have a hype-able bunch of folks and when people react to things based on panic or a gut feeling rather than thinking a problem through they'll agree to just about anything.
  • The deceit factor goes way back when it comes to Iraq. Baby Bush just carried on what his father wanted all along!
  • Can't argue with success. It worked didn't it? And now it's working when it comes to gun and ammo sales...
  • Shows what the true power of brainwashing is and don't underestimate the corporate media in conjuction with the corrupt, greedy if braindead politicians that rule this country

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