• No, the shoulders do not dislocate ! The gymnast switches his grip on the bar to stop this from happening.
  • I have no idea but I could barely read that without wincing. Eesh!
  • no they don't dislocate. like gramps said ... they can switch their grip. another thing you could be seeing is a german hang (or german grip) which would be if you stuck out your arms behind you with your palms up and grabbed a bar only the gymnasts have trained their flexibility so that it works.
  • Yeah gymnasts moves don't force anything out of place. They wouldn't do it if the only way was for them to dislocate something. i was a gymnast for a couple years when I was little, and you don't do anything intended to be painful. If you're not properly stretched or haven't reached the needed point of flexibility, then it can be, but otherwise, the motions won't cause pain.

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