• Dying on the toilet while having a dirty magazine in your cold, dead hand. +4
  • The Darwin Awards tell of a glass salesman who used to demonstrate the strength of the glass in high-rise buildings by running into it until one failed. I hope on the way down, he made a call and got a refund on the glass panel, and advised quality assurance about it.
  • I believe that committing suicide is the most embarrassing way to die.
  • I think the way David Carradine died, was pretty embarassing, ropes around his wrist, neck and genitals.
  • well david carradine picked a doozy this week. thats embarrassing. but i would think suicide would be the most shameful way to go. followed by dying alone ~ if you lay dying, and no one cared enough about you to be with you in your final moments, then your life was not well spent.
  • This poem just about sums it all up... . .
  • alone and with no contributions(money wise excluded) left behind, to people or family...SHAMELESS and ALONE..:)thatsJustme:)
  • on the loo
  • Hanging in a closet, genitals bound and hands tied up. Thats pretty bad. Did you see the crime scene photo??? ughhhh lol
  • A couple years ago , my sister in law worked in an adult store . An 86 year old man ( a regular ) came in to watch a movie and do his deed for an hour . His hour was up so my sister in law went to check on him . He died jacking off . He had a heart attack :( So sad but quite embarassing . His wife and kids had NO IDEA he was going there at least 3 times a week .
  • As a Republican.
  • David Carradine pretty much nailed that one, but the term 'getting caught with your pants down' actually has a historic genesis. Some soldier had to 'go', so he went into the bushes, dropped his pants, and *pow* Right where the sun don't shine.

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