• Thats so annoying, its a closed car, Why to smoke?
  • Absolutely, even when they are out doors you see them standing like 3 or 4 feet away from small children as if that's going to stop them inhaling. They are idiots and they fill up hospitals when they are ill and people who are really ill can't get into hospital.
  • i dont know why people smoke
  • Absolutely. The child didn't light the cigarette. The child didn't make the decision to become a smoker. Those were the things you did and the child deserves a chance later in life to make that decision for itself.
  • Yes. Always!
  • Yes. Sad :(
  • YES. I was watching the news a while back, and there was a woman being interviewed about a factory being built near a residential area. She was pregnant, and had a child on her hip and was talking about how she was worried that the fumes from the factory would be harmful to her kids. She was also smoking. People like that make me sick. If you really have to smoke, you can. Just don't do it while you're with your kids, ESPECIALLY not in an enclosed car.
  • There are much bigger issues to get worked up about. Several generations of people grew up with second hand smoke (my own included) with negligible impact. Personally, I'm more concerned with the cars themselves - they kill more people and destroy more environments than all the cigs ever smoked. The addiction to the oil needed causes wars and supports despotic regimes... In fact having written this - and I really did just think of it - I wonder if part of the righteous indignation I see in these responses isn't at least somewhat due to the guilt of contributing to the larger issues - global warming for instance - since you are almost certainly in a car when observing the offensive smoking? Just a thought. +5
  • My dad used to smoke when I was little, my husband smokes now. I have never even tried a cigarette and wouldn't want to BUT I find it incredible the number of people who are so outspoken against smokers and smoking since it became fashionable to do so! My husband will always go outside to smoke at home, and always has done. In the car he will open his window so that the smoke is sucked out and not blowing around in the car. So long as smokers are considerate to those around them, and it is their car, I don't see an issue. I am far more concerned when I see a pregnant woman smoking!
  • Yes and I am a smoker(kids are grown) but when the tobacco industries finally came clean about the health issues. I always smoked outside.
  • Yes it does I do get angry. I can understand people doing things because they do not know better. All you have heard about for years now is how second hand smoke can cause so much damage especially to children. Yet they do it!!!!! Then they wonder why little Johnny cannot play sports and has to use an inhaler and racks up medical bills. I see parents doing things just as bad like filling them with fast food, sugar, salt, fat and worst caffeine. I see parents unable to control their child's behavior because of this and their lack of discipline themselves. If you do not have the discipline NOT to smoke in front of your kids or to not quit how do you expect to teach your children to live right?
  • I do get upset. It's one thing if an adult chooses to smoke and decides to take a chance with their life ... but it's quite another when they also decide to expose their kids to those health risks! I think it's selfish.
  • Yes. People are so "old". They are always trying to justify it by saying well I smoked when my kids were little or my parents smoked with me when I was little. Ok yes, but this was when we did not know the facts. The truth has been revealed and we all know the affects this can have on us health wise. Now some people are infact lucky enough to not have any issues in life because of smoke but others are not so lucky. The fact that people "gamble" with the health of their children makes me very angry.
  • Very mad. My mother's past boyfriend would smoke while my siblings were in the car and whenever I was home I was constantly making him put it out. I even took the cigarette from his hand once and broke it. I think I have plenty of patience with people but if they harm the people I love, I have zero tolerance. Thankfully my mother listened to me and no longer sees him.
  • Yes it does. I wish they could be charged with child abuse. It is one thing if they want to kill themselves but that child is innocent and they are giving them a lifetime of problems. These parents are selfish.
  • Mad? No. I am not so paranoid about second hand smoke as most people. I mean, if you look at what comes out of the tailpipes of your car and the 571 cars around you, then a person smoking in a car with the window down really isn't bad at all. Of course, it's easier and more publicly acceptable to hate smokers than it is to hate people who drive. After all, driving is a necessity whereas smoking is evil. That said, I personally do not smoke around children period.
  • No. Well, my mother always smokes in the car, even when she would drive us to preschool, so maybe I'm biased. Also, I tend to not give a shit about other people or their business. Perhaps if I had some kind of emotional connection or monetary investment in that child, I might feel different, but I've never observed a situation anything like that before, so I can't know for sure.
  • I don't get mad, I just feel sad that the children have to be in the car full of cancer oppurtunities.
  • NO I think people should worry more about their own actions and less of others.. My grandmother smoked and damn she lived to be 102.. hmmm. I think the government uses chemicals that are way far more harmful to our health than smoking.. Chemicals are put in our food, our gas, everything.. and we have no choice..
  • yes, it makes me so angry that i want to ram my car into theirs to get their attention.
  • i hate people that smoke because all there doing is killing themselves and others around them
  • Yes,it does,because they didn't ask to smoke,too,and they have no choice but to breathe in the toxins.*+++++*
  • No, it's nothing to do with me and why should i care. If a proud person walked past a homeless person on the street would they care? So why does everyone suddenly jump because children are involved. Until it is made illegal (which is very unlikely) then there is nothing you can do. It's not your kids. I don't smoke i just quit last week. I always found it a horrible habbit though.

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