• Nope. I agree 100%. Give them seperate identities.
  • I don't know about appalling and foul, but I wouldn't find it advisable. I remember being called my older brother's name throughout my life. I longed for the individuality; to be able to be recognized as myself. Why put a child at a disadvantage for the novelty of rhyming names?
  • People should be a little more creative than to just have twins with rhyming names. It's beyond boring.
  • Yeah and i also hate when they dress them the same :(
  • I went to school with two girls, twins with rhyming names. A deaf dumb and blind man could tell them apart because they were as different as night and day. One was, if not intellectually "special", was definitely emotionally "special". Her sister confided in me once that she was terrified that she would never marry, never live her own life because she would be forever linked to her sister. She planned, on her 18th Birthday, to have her name legally changed.
  • yes, I like the twins having different names, if you name them (Jack and Zack)(Henny and Penny)(Kyle and Lyle)(argh and ergh) seems like the parent is not creative much to naming their wonderful twins but its their prerogative and most importantly, its their own kids
  • i tend to feel like smacking parents who do that
  • Yeah, It is... But what if they gave em a same name? xD Not like... David and David.. But David and Dave :P Should be confusing to other people
  • Call me crazy, but I think it's cute. If you like the way a name sounds then you're going to like something that is similar to it. As a mom who had 3 tons of trouble coming up with the name for her kids, I can understand why someone would pick a name they like and use a variation of it on the other child as well.
  • Yeah, give them different names, and please, no matching clothes? That's so retarded. I mean, some twins actually have a hard time separating themselves later in life, this sorta bs isn't going to help them.
  • Dunno, but if someone named their kids after the smurfs, I'd think it was funny. Don't know if the kids would though.
  • All the teachers of the world would agree with you. (Drevon, you're Trevon? Sorry. Dayonna, oh you're Deonna? etc . . .) Ugh.
  • Appalling and foul? I don't consider it so. Irresponsible and lacking creativity, yes. Why can't you think of two different names? These kids now have to grow up with a lessened sense of self because they will always be "Jack and Mack," never one or the other.
  • Whoops, I'm guilty of that! I have a girl and a boy. They start with the same letter, by accident actually! I was suppose to have two girls and their names were completely different from each other. But I am glad to say I don't dress them!
  • I don't know if ou are the only one, but I disagree that is is appauling and foul! =) I think those words are a bit harsh! Perhaps if one was named poop-a-scoop and the other trashcan then I would agree. Personally, I do think rhyming names are a bit tacky though.
  • Maybe you are honey. Cary and Mary? I think that's very cute. Jerry and Jill? Also very cute. Appalling and foul? Giving a child a name that lends itsself to an unkind abbreviation....Cornelius, for example begs for "corny". Now that is appalling and foul! :) ((hugs))

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