• I could never do the time which keeps me not doing too much in the crime category.
  • Depends on what I did and if I'm innocent or not. But, I'd be depressed big time... Still... I'd do my time.
  • a long stretch... I guess it would be okay if I deserved it but if I get incarcerated for something I didn't do I think I'd rather die
  • I could not..I would not survive.
  • Well if I was a thug who has been through that process before then I guess I would not have a huge reaction other than damn... But if it was me who has never been to prison I would just as soon hang myself before letting my poop shoot get all sodomized and what not... In all seriousness though, I would probably cry like a baby and call out for my mommy...
  • I would go crazy and be sent to a phyc ward
  • i got sentenced to 8 years in '94.when the judge read the sentence out,i said sh!t.i only served 5 1/2 which still sucked but could have been the full 8.
  • Since it would have to be a mistake, I would make sure I have a good lawyer.
  • no question, SUICIDE
  • not well unless i was into buggery
  • I do not think it would affect me too much except the constant noise. I would have Computer access , Music, A Gym, Library. Sounds great to me Free food and lodging and I could lease my place .I think I would be laughing because that is just about all I do now. Not sure i would want so many people around me though.
  • Subscribe to a lot of magazines and a lot of book clubs.... work out a lot more than I do now.
  • NO WAY! Not with those nuts. I'd be far from population.
  • I would not be able to do it. I have a really bad phobia being closed in.
  • I'd be heartbroken. That would mean that I've compromised my set of values in some way, unless of course I was wrongly convicted of a crime. Once I got inside, I'd find the quickest way to be put in solitary confinement as soon as possible. That way I'd be removed from the general population. Then I'd cry like a blubbering idiot for a while, because I'd have been taken away from my wife and kids. I'd ask for a notebook and something to write with if possible and write several poems and maybe even another book. It's a very good question, Zack. +
  • i would want to run away and hide.
  • I would be very depressed Hope My family and friends will forgive me and still come and visit me. I will pray to God to forgive me and give me strength to get through this difficult time
  • since im looking at this already its just the unknowns like classification,cellmate,routine,searches,showering,transportation,jobs,writeups,hole,delousing,rec,school,activites,restraints and etc because im getting a felony
  • I was looking at a long sentence, at first it's disbelief that they found me guilty and then I got angry. Spent 9 of the 11 months I was there in "the hole". Second trial came up and I was found innocent on all charges. They had arrested the real criminal almost a month earlier.
  • I would pray, pray, pray and use my time wisely. such as reading getting a colelge degree if i did not have one already and i would always be on my best behavior. Mind my business Hopefully one day I will get a reduced a prison sentence.

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