• Chinese.
  • Something Chinese please! Chinese tattoos are awesome! +4
  • make sure your Chinese translation is's your tat not ours.get what you want.then post pics.this is my lastest one.
  • Do you read chinese? At least a little? Of Chinese descent? Lived in China? If not, I advise against it. Unless it's got some great story, like it's the character that was on the leather jacket of the vigilante that saved your life. Otherwise it has no direct connection to you. And just places to get tattoo, without knowing what? Sure they're good spots, if you want, but I personally think the idea should come before the aesthetic placement.
  • Think about later...(God, that's boring!), get it somewhere that's not going to go old and wrinkly, or somewhere, ahem, private! It's so horrible seeing some old dear trotting down the road with tats...fine on young skin but, yurgh!!!
  • If you have to ask and haven't even narrowed it down to what kind then that tells me this is being done so you can show it off and think you are cool. If you are going to mark up your body, it should be for something pretty darn important and hold deep significance in your heart.
  • If I were forced to choose of those three, I would go with back of neck.
  • wherever you want one
  • Just remember A butterfly on the back becomes a buzzard in the crack when you age!

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