• To me - depending on the particular accent it can sound whiney and annoying, or funny but at the same time absolutely fantastic.
  • to kiwis you guys sound weird, but us to u the same. we have a canadian working with us, everyone thinks shes american, i personally think it is very refined. like oil, sounds like money to me.
  • That made me flash back to when a saw a japanese standup comic do an american accent using fake gibberish words. It was so well pronounced and exact.
  • Sounds like somebody talking WAY too loudly and to no one person in particular. Also like he`s bragging, talking because he likes the sound of his own voice.
  • No. South and south-east are much diff from the rest. Then you have "Brooklyn'. You also have east-west differences. Sometimes, I can also pick Canadian as opposed to northern USA. Let's put it this way: I am Australian. Although we do have slightly diff sounds from coast to coast, they are nowhere near as distinct as in the US.
  • I had Europeans tell me that Americans sound nasally.
  • I love American accents.
  • What is an American accent? You travel across this country and you will hear many different accents from about every different culture in the world.America is a melting pot of accents.
  • Well it depends on the accent. I love some American accents. But some of them sound kind of like they're talking through a different part of their throat, I dunno. It's just funny to hear the sounds I would pronounce a certain way turn into something completely different. And the pronounciation of mirror amuses me too much.
  • Very difficult to understand.

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