• There is one person I'd really like to meet and explain to him the Green Bay Packer fans love him and supported him all his years in Green Bay and his 1 year with the Jets. And ask him please not to go to the Minnesota Vikings because of Ted Thompson (Packers GM) because it would hurt the fans. Then I'd hang out with him and have him sign all kinds of things and show him off all over town. Of course, after hearing me he'd decide not to go to the Vikings. Hope you watch football to understand all this babble: The person: Brett Favre I have pretty much worshipped him for 17 years.
  • Daniel Negreanu has the best books on poker that has helped my game. He is one of the best players in the world. I would love to spend some time with him and explore his thoughts on poker in great detail.
  • Sir David Attenborough. What an interesting, learned and wonderful man.
  • Call me strange, but for a variety of reasons, I've always wanted to bullsh*t with Colin Powell! ;-)
  • This guy, the Most Interesting Man in the World.
  • Josh Shwartz. He made television great and hasn't failed with a show yet, and is only like 28... youngest head show runner ever, and thats pretty amazing.
  • Jack Nicholson

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