• If they did it was only a negative influence. If budget cuts were coming down I would be cutting sports first!
  • No, not really. I was on the hockey team and tennis squad the whole way through school and it made a big difference in my life back then apart from the exercise and competition element (since competition is completely missing from standardised dance outside) it gave me an interest in school outside of the academic stuff which was important because I would have been a complete geek otherwise and taken study too seriously. It hasn't had a lasting impact though.
  • i thnk the lack of playing sports made a difference in my life. I did cheerleading for one season in my sophomore year and the stunting was fun but the drama was just crap.
  • Don't know if it made a big difference but I enjoyed the sports then :D
  • No I don't think so. +5
  • Sports played an important part in my life. I learned hard work, perseverance, how to work as a team even when you have a few ass holes on your team.

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