• Depends what he is sick with. Take him a magazine (Maxim) or something like that. If you don't like flowers, take him something to eat, if possible.
  • I think it depends on how close you are to the person in question. If you are just a colleague then I probably would probably visit empty handed, but if it were a best friend then I think flowers would be a welcome present no matter if they were from a guy or girl. I think the way to look at it is, that if this was a girl who was just a friend, you would buy her flowers without a second thought, why should it be the same with a guy.
  • How well do you know him, how sick is he? Magazines are always appreciated if they are well enough and you know the reading material of choice because time can drag.
  • I wouldn't take flowers in to see a male friend, and if I was in the hospital I would much rather receive a magazine or something which I can make use of, unlike flowers.
  • a nice get well card is appropiate, something he can show to his friends. a magazine or two would be good. you could ask if he needs anything from his apartment. help if he needs it.
  • Sitting in a hospital bed is boring. I'd bring a gift that could keep him entertained. A good book, a game boy if he's into video games, etc.
  • it is true flowers are very feminine -- what about a not sure of this person but a book or mag to show you care ? a sports illustrated or something. this shows you care and also have their interest in mind.
  • OK to take flowers but better to just hang with him and talk and lift his spirits. Catch him up on the latest happenings while he has been in.

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