• ofcourse not
  • Nope. That would have been her decision. I know the type of answer you were gunning for with this biased question. Sorry I didn't deliver.
  • I believe she had a choice and made the right one. What about yours?
  • Not at all. I do regret that Hitlers mom didn't choose abortion.
  • I would have never forgiven her.
  • Thats a tough question.. I have a wonderful life.. had a great childhood, now im married to a great man about to start my own family... Turly in love.... I think I will have to go with NO. Im very happy to be brought into the world by BOTH my parents.
  • No. I also don't regret that she had the choice. I am glad to know she was never forced into any reproductive decision. I know she could not have dealt with more children than the number she CHOSE to have; she has told me so on a number of occasions.
  • yes and I often wonder why she didn't. Back in those days not only was it illegal but also something that women NEVER would have considered. I do wonder why I wasn't given up for adoption though.
  • My mom had two miscarriages before me, so I was wanted and expected. I got bit in the face when I was a toddler and that bite stopped some growth processes and made me the way I am.
  • A lot of the time I wish she did... but my mom is against abortion and I was from a planned pregnancy, so it probably would never have happened.
  • How can I? Without having been aborted I have nothign to compare my existence with. Have there been times in my life when I would have liked to die? yes, there have been. I am not sure what your point here is unless it is just another attack on women.
  • It never occurred to me to thank her but I suppose I should.
  • Considering my life how it is, and how messed up my head is, yes I do regret. For my parents sake, no I don't.
  • No, it would have not been fair for her to make that choice for me. I'm free to choose to end my life if I so desire.

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