• Wow, that's a hard one. They should have to sign some sort of contract saying they are legally not allowed to drink or they forfeit the liver!
  • If he wants one....Why would you deny him a donor? I think maybe he should be at the bottom of the list for a liver if there are others who aren't alcoholics that also need a liver. But definatly shouldn't deny him a new liver. If he wants to pay for a new one and a surgery to fix it and mess it up again that's his choice.
  • yes...david crosby did. It changed his life and now he doesnt drink. Can a person change? Yes, under the right life-threatening circumstance.
  • why spoil another liver if he is not ready to quit his habit!
  • I believe that they should receive the Liver Transplant ONLY if they give them the drug or whatever it is that makes them extremely sick if they drink anything alcoholic ......
  • If we had a way to grow livers (i.e. we didn't have a finite supply of them), then why not. But as it stands, we DO have a finite supply of them; giving a liver to an alcoholic ensures that someone who is sick (from something that they didn't directly cause) doesn't get one. Readers digest version: no.
  • Honestly, I don't think they should if there's another person who doesn't drink and needs it.
  • If he has quit, I dont see why not. If he's still drinking then he as to accept responsiblity for his actions and suffer the consequences. The liver should go to someone else. Very good question.
  • I don't know if an alcoholic SHOULD receive a liver transplant but I know I wouldn't hesitate in giving 'any' human being a chance at life.
  • Of course they should! Being an alcoholic is a disease! If someone needs help, you help them. Many other diseases can also be classified as mistreating your body. Over eating (obese) could lead to a heart condition or other problems. High blood pressure can lead to heart conditions (eating to much salty foods etc.) or other foods that lead to high blood pressure. There are many other conditions that are caused by mistreating your body. Not exersizing could lead to being obese--high blood pressure--heart condition, then needing a heart transplant. Should that person get a heart transplant?
  • George Best got one - or was it two?

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