• I hit a Pheasant one time. They always seem to hang out by the busy highways. MILES of country for them to be and they are at the highway lines. Darn things. Yes and it breaks my heart!!! +5
  • about 2 weeks ago a bird walked out in front of my car.. i had to swerve into the next lane to avoid hitting him.. i swear he wanted to kill himself.
  • yes. well, not "run over" but i was driving in central Canada, on a country road when a tiny bird flew across the bird and into my windshield. it bounced off and i slowed down and saw it crash on the road, dead. it was quite disturbing. but here is an even more messed up video:
  • Actually, a sparrow once was doing something on a red-brick road and I didn't hit him. I ran right over him. A little squeak, a slight thump, and he was dead. I've hit 4 other birds, one cat, one unknown thing.
  • i hit a songbird once, on the way to work. the poor thing was killed when it hit my windshield and lodged in my windshield wipers!! i had to drive to work looking at his limp body because i couldn't bring myself to touch it. at work, a co-worker removed it for me i also had a rooster pheasant flush into the side of my car when i was taking my children to school, one morning. it was a gorgeous bird, too bad it died
  • I hit a road runner about a year ago.
  • Two birds on the highway. They died the way most of us wish we would, doing the naughty in public.
  • I got one in flight a long time ago. Another inch and he would have been above my windshield/roof junction.
  • I saw one fly into my driver's side window pillar. Left a bloody streak along the roof of the car. I doubt he survived.
  • My husband has hit a sparrow and a turkey
  • Not me ... I give all the jaywalking blue jays the right of way.
  • Nope but I came damn close the other day! :o(
  • I must have at some point. I was changing my car's radiator, and found this clump of feathers lodged in it.
  • Like some others I have found birds and bird parts in the grill and other car parts. I dunno as how I have ever run OVER a bird, and I got only two experiences that are even half interesting involving HITTING a bird. We were driving thru the NW Texas panhandle at grain harvest time, there were thousands of lil birds along the sides of the 2 lane Hi-way and on it, eating the spilled grain. As we zoomed up to them they would zoom up, out, away, and barely over the van. I was sitting behind the driver, my daughter was sitting in the front passenger seat. She turned to me and said she was really worried we'd hit one of the poor lil birdies. I esplained all about aerodynamics, how even if a bird flew up right in front of us, it would get caught in the air stream over the van and pushed up and over. Much releaved she turned back and settled into her seat just in time for a meadowlark to WHAP!! into the windshield right in front of her in a flurry of yellow feathers. I dunno if the bird squawked but she did. Then she turned to me and deadpanned, "Or maybe not." 'Bout 20 years afore that, B4 I even knew I'd have a daughter, three of my college buddies and I were headed down to Big Bend. Traveling in two cars, an 'Old' style and old VW Beetle with two of them and me riding in a new Roadrunner. The VW was in front as we neared Midland on a four lane but undivided hi-way, we'd passed several turkey vultures eating disgusting smushed things on the road. From the rear car we'd sometimes see a group up ahead and then see them flap or hop and then flap out of the way of the VW and quite a distance afore we got to them. One of them hopped to the right and thern took wing as it got to the bar ditch. Then, since it had just a bird brain, it flew back over the road. We saw it disapear in front of the VW and then all we saw were its primary feathers waggling and waving at us from each side of the windshield. Smoke boiled from the bug's tires as it skidded and wobbled from the right lane all the way across to the far left and back again a half dozen times. Luckily no one comin from Midland that day, but mebbee if there had been they woulda spooked the vulture. The car came to a halt on the right shoulder just the buzzard sorta slid off and with out streatched wings sorta cartwheeled off to the left. It acrobated to the other shoulder and gave a few slow flaps Whuuump....Whummmppp..whump. whumpwhumpwhump and flew off just as we came to a screeching halt behind the vulturated car. I got to the passenger side just in time to hear the driver say he couldn't see a thing just wings. His passenger looked at me with eyes as big as saucers, when the driver slammed on the brakes he'd been tossed forward just inches from the windshield, just inches from the scabby skinned naked head of the vulture, “It was just staring at me with its beady lil eye! It was like it knew I was gonna die in a horrible wreck and it was gonna eat me!” I told him it was a good thing it didn't die or he'd hafta eat IT. He was not amused. Took him and the driver 15 minutes to recover, me and the Roadrunner driver jess laughed and laughed. Then we laughed some more. I think both bird hits was pre-ordained, I hadda demonstrate my superior knowledge to my daughter, and I went to Big Bend in a Roadrunner with a VW passenger with the last name of Byrd. I aint never goin no where in a Cougar with no buddy named Katz.
  • Yeah, pheasants are dumb and dont move quick.
  • I ran over that giant bird from sesame street. Bert was pissed.
  • my good friend hit an osprey and he cried.
  • I will occasionally go through a period where birds commit suicide with my car. It happens often enough that I am known for it in my small community. I slam on my brakes and slow well ahead of any on the road, but try as I might, I can't stop them from doing it and have had to accept the fact that they wanted to do this, or couldn't help themselves.
  • Nope, but my dad hit one with his truck and it got stuck in the grille. It was so sad! He had to pull over and pull it out. Ugh, it was gross. Unluckiest bird ever.
  • Yes...we actually had a car(corsica) that emitted a certain frequency or pitch that attracted all sorts of wildlife, birds among them. They'd fly into the closed windows, swoop down on us and misjudge(or maybe they didn't?). The vehicle finally met its demise courtesy of an 8 point buck.
  • Birds hits the windshield sometimes and its over for them.

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