• No, they made a courageous choice at their own expense.
  • I have all respect for them.
  • No, I respect them. I dont even look down on the ones that do have abortions, I dont agree with it, but it is their choice.
  • No, in fact I have much more respect for them.
  • Not at all, just as with those who do have an abortion, it is their choice.
  • I respect them for multiple reasons: 1) They love their children enough to make whatever sacrifice is necessary. 2) Even when the baby is coming a terrible time or in a bad situation, they find ways to meet the challenge, even if that means letting some loving couple raise the baby, instead of giving up and aborting him/her. 3) They will usually be the kind of parents who will show their children how to be problem solvers, rather than the type that teach them to give up at the first sign of trouble. 4) They don't run and hide from their responsibilities. They face up to them. Period.
  • As a complete rule of thumb I never look down on anyone!
  • No it is their own choice and people should respect that!
  • You mean like my mom? No, in fact, I'm kind of glad she didn't have an abortion.
  • Why on Earth would I do that? Now, if they choose to be irresponsible by keeping the child in a bad situation instead of placing him or her with one of the thousands—perhaps millions—of approved parents out there, just begging for a baby, I’m going to be a bit angry with that decision. However, there’s a difference between disliking a decision and looking down on the individual. The latter is just cold. My 2¢.
  • Why should I? They made a decision appropriate to their personal circumstances, just like women who did decide to have abortions.
  • I respect them for taking their circumstances and making the best choice. I do have a problem with mothers who know they can't raise the child properly yet refuse to give them up for adoption
  • I'm pro-choice but I respect people who didn't have abortions because its their choice to have the child. And what is the precentage of women who regrat the choice not to have abortion compared with those who chose abortion and regrated it.
  • I do not look down on people for not having an abortion. I can sometimes look at a situation from an objective position and think that an abortion would have been the better choice, but I understand that an outside perspective is very different from the perspective of someone who is in the situation. I do look down on people who decide to carry to term, but drink and do drugs thoughout the preganacy. Not because they didn't have an abortion, but because they drank and did drugs while they were pregnant.
  • No. It's their choice to do what they wish. I only lose respect if they keep the child and don't care for it properly.
  • not at all I have backed away from the subject
  • No, of course not. They showed a lot of courage in a difficult situation. I would be very disappointed in them if they drank, took illegal drugs, and/or smoked during the pregnancy and the baby was damaged but they would have to live with this consequence.
  • I look up to people who accept their responsibility, as compared to those who callously shirk them.

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