• Do like Darius Rucker, and dont worry about what other people think. The ones who say something, don't matter anyways. (DR is formerly Hootie and the Blowfish gone country)
  • Thats no problem at all, one of the best rock bands in Uk has a black lead singer, Bloc Party, honestly It took me 3 readings of your question to work out what you meant, I really wasn't aware that this could be an issue.
  • You shouldnt give a second thought to what people think about you if you like it then thats all that matters
  • Which matters more: being liked or being yourself? Only you can make those choices.
  • I'm black. . .well, mostly. ;) And I like everything from opera to death metal, byzantine and gregorian chant to country/western, Polynesian tribal chants to renaissance and mediaeval, dark ambient to punk and hip-hop. When I moved to south-central Los Angeles at the age of 11, my peers in the predominately black jr. high school I attended were aghast at the fact that I liked the Beatles and the Beach Boys. They got over it. Listen to what pleases you. Life is too short to try to conform your tastes to the expectations of others. One of the greatest rock guitarists and performers of all time was a black man; Jimi Hendrix. By the way, my great-niece's parents are puzzled. She's 2 and a half years old and her favorie activity is to get in front of the TV with her toy guitar, find a station that's broadcasting metal videos and pretend she's a rocker. ;)
  • Be yourself.
  • Just Rock on!! If people think you're "weird", that is THEIR problem, not yours.
  • +5. Be yourself. I like some German Classical music but I am a country girl so just listen to what you like and let others think what they may .
  • Rock has no color! Do what you WANT to do! Peace :)
  • Well I'm a white person who likes rock and I've been pinned as weird my entire life! Keep rockin!
  • How is that even remotely weird?
  • Funny question. I like it. Ever hear of Jimi?
  • I'm black and I love Bjork,,so wot? Ye like wot ye like:)
  • Screw what other people think. do what you want!
  • No color tells me what I gotta listen to. I love bluegrass!
  • The way you have worded this Q ... and the fact that you're "scared to tell [this to] someone" indicates to me that the ship has already sailed on "weird". Enjoy.
  • WTF do you care what people think of you? If you do care about that sort of thing, take a good, long look at yourself first and make changes to you. Once successful, life should be a bit easier for you.
  • Yes. You are not the only black person who likes rock. Nobody is going to give a crap one way or the other about your taste in music.
  • Your peers will think you're weird but get over it. You might found out some of the other people in your crowd are weird too. Be yourself.
  • It never seemed to be a problem for bands such as Living Colour, Bloc Party, Jimi Hendrix or Bad Brains, so use them as inspiration.
  • what come on there are alot of great black rockers jimi hendrix and chuck berry one of the best rock and rollers of all time. So why is it weird for you to listen to rock. Everyone likes different stuff.
  • Hey, have you ever heard of a 60's band called the Chambers Brothers, or Living Colour? I don't think it mattered to them what other people thought, as long as people at least listened to their music. I am Irish-American, and I like old school rap and hip-hop as well as rock. I don't give a d*mn what other people think. Living Colour on YouTube Chambers Brothers on YouTube Sorry that the last video wasn't a live performance, just the song...
  • I went through that crap when I was a kid. I thought kids were different these days, but apparently I'm wrong. I used to hide my preference for rock too. I was 16 when I was invited to a "waistline" party. (They measured your waistline; whatever the number was, that's what you paid to get in.) Nothing but black people there, mind you, but I heard music there quite unlike the r&b I had expected. Moseyed on over to the record player (there were no cds then) to see what was playing. That was my introduction to Grand Funk Railroad (Google it). That night was also my introduction to beer (but that's another story...) Guess I WASN'T the only black person in my neighborhood who listened to rock 'n roll. So you see, you never really know WHAT a person's interest is. As you get older, you don't concern yourself with that kind of nonsense. The best advice I can give you, then, is to have you remember: If they ain't payin' for what you're listening to, tell 'em to mind their own damn business.

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