• I doubt it.
  • maybe he's horney
  • Well - what do you think? In the light of the day - is he wtill willing to say it and mean it - and not just saying he is sorry about being drunk? I think you know the real answer.
  • That's called Drunk Talk so no not really . Go by what he say's and does when he is sober
  • My answer won't really help you. Anyway, sometimes guys have a hard time saying the three little words. But alcohol might give him enough courage to say it. But then again, alcohol loosens the tongue and he might say it without meaning it. My guess, I think he means it.
  • possibly, but i do believe in drunken words are sober thoughts, maybe he does love u but hes just shy to tell u cuz its so early into the relationship so he only feel comfortable tellin u wen hes drunk....for now.
  • Most guys find it awkward to express their feelings so drunk or horney, the fact that he did at least say it is a good thing.
  • If he can't say it sober, then it doesn't mean much when he says it drunk
  • depending on the guy i believe that when people r drunk they can express theyre true feelings that normally going on is unable to say y dont you sit down together when both sober and ask him how he feels and you tell him how you feel
  • It means nothing at all.When he's drunk,he even doesn't know what he's speaking and who he is.How can he focus on you and say some words that means a lot to you. . Anyhow,words never matter.Action does.Chanting "I love you " all the day has no value when you care the least for the person.Just concentrate on how he is with you and how committed he is towards the relationship.Wishes.
  • nope don't believe what drunks say
  • Just keep him drunk all the time and you'll be good. No, not really. What about this: Does he say he loves you only when he's horny? That could be a clue. Next time he says he loves you, give him a pen and paper and tell him to write it down. Later, when he's sober, show him what he wrote and ask him if he means it.  
  • Pro13:20┬áThe one walking with the wise will become wise,But the one who has dealings with the stupid will fare badly
  • maybe you should wait to see if he says it when hes sober, personally i wouldnt want a boyfriend that was drinking all the time

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