• If you are in sales you should be providing excellent customer service to everyone you meet. However there are times when we go beyond that. I can give a few examples of things I did. I sold a car once that was a christmas gift for someone and I left my family on christmas day to deliver it compltete with red bow. also I would often go to a clients home or work to show the car. another example was when when a customer was having problems understanding how something worked etc I would take the time to go to them and explain things personally without charge. If you strive to provide the best customer service always you will get more return customers, more referrals and more sales. I have sold vehicles, office equipment, home assec.
  • when i used to work in the dining rm of a resort i would go after babies that would walk out the door and the parents didnt even know they were gone, one time i went after a 3 yr old girl, and later my manager gave me a card that my coworkers signed and an angel statue, too bad i cant find a babysitting job, i wouldve been so good at it

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