• Nothing your doctor hasn't probably already told you or that you have not been able to read on the Internet. In case you did not read it, excellent and effective stress control by yoga, meditation and other methods has shown to be highly effective with many patients in preventing migraines.
  • The best thing to do is see your doctor and ask if they can put you on a beta blocker trial, I have found it helps somewhat , it does not take them away completely but then i do suffer with them quite badly I take Imigran (sumatriptin) at the onset and if it does not work I have to lay in a dark room and try to knock myslf out. I must have no noise and no light. In the main causes are some foods or stress
  • i suffer with chronic daily headaches and migranes and beta blockers were the 1st tablets i was put on and i personnally found them rubbish. ive also been given imigran which also doesnt work, antidepressants and the list goes on. i am now taking topiramate which is an epilepsy tablet which again after 5 months still no improvement plus they have also caused me depression and major weight loss. but after research myself as doctors are no good meditation gentle excercise and yoga seem to be advised. tablets work for some and not for others. but dont take regular painkillers as they can cause rebound headaches. i would go to your gp and if not satisfied read up on it yourself and it will point you in the right direction. ive had to. best of luck.
  • I found that sweets particularly chocolate was the cause of my migranes, ever since I cut the junkfood out of my diet the migranes have been history, now I'm not saying that's your cause but hopefully my answer will help ya out.
  • I had them and found I had a tumor. I suggest you see a neurologist,ASAP.
  • you might want to read a short article i wrote about this subject as it may help you.
  • solution actually was moving!!! it had to do with the weather patterns where i was. moved away not one since. sucks tho i miss that place but its healthier this way.

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