• Remind her to breathe normally and deeply. Try to look her in the eyes and smile. You should stay calm. If she'll let you, hug her.
  • Your girfriend has to get help to learn how to help herself, otherwise you will both end up being boxed in more and more until you never go anywhere or do anything.
  • change the subject, distract her with something soothing.
  • I used to have them, and they CAN be eliminated, but my method is so damned "radical," that I would be very hesitant to recommend it to others, even though it worked for me. I "cured myself" without medications, and have not had any kind of "panic attack," since 1981, a period of 28 years, as of 2009. And, trust me on this, I will NEVER have another one.
  • My roommate used to have severe ones. 1) If she has not sought advice on how to stop them, encourage her to do so. Often breathing techniques are helpful, but advice from friends, especially boyfriends, tends to be unhelpful. 2) After she has found out to stop them, ask her how you can best help. My old roommate used to have me count breaths for her.
  • She needs to see a doctor about this. I have panic attacks and anxiety too. Sometimes it would help when my boyfriend would just hold me and comfort me. I have gone to the doctor since then and gotten zoloft for it and now I feel great.
  • Stay in control of yourself. That is number one thing to do. If you can't control yourself in this situation, you will not be able to help her to control herself. Breathing is very important. Breath one deep breath and exhale two. This controls the breathing. take her mind off of anything that maybe bothering her. Remind her of times you spent with her. Tell her stories you remember of you and her. Make sure they are happy stories. Do your best to get her into your arms and let her know everything is okay and that you are there for her. Love is a very powerful tool. The world doesn't think so anymore, but it is.
  • Remind her to breathe... What happens when you have a panic attack is that the natural breathing becomes sperratic due to some trauma either imagined or brought on by anxiety. When you can't breathe, your body does all sorts of nasty things... Makes it feel like you are going to die, have a heart attack, vomit, pass out... But in reality, its just the brain trying to regulate the breathing and trying to get more oxygen to the brain. By thinking... We make it worse rather than better and counteract what the brain is doing. We panic more and more and lose more and more breath and you could actually die if you are alone and get yourself int enough of a frenzy! But you usually pass out before that and then when the brain shuts down, it regulates itself apart from the ego. So breathing is paramount! THoughts in check, dont panic... Breathe and relax. Hatha yoga is great for that. and breathing exersizes.

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