• yes just download it to your PC and then transfer it to your Ipod.
  • If you have your music on your computer, then yes, there should be a USB cord that came with the iPod that you can hook up to your computer and put your music onto it. If you don't have your music on your computer, upload it to iTunes. You can rip CDs and put all your other music files onto it and then put it directly from there onto your iPod. Good luck!
  • Yes, you have to buy it from Itunes or any other music stores. But there are sites where you can download for free which isn't that legal, and you can upload them onto your Ipod via USB cables.
  • download the music into iTunes on your computer. then dowload the music from iTunes into the iPod. its can buy music off of the iTunes music store if you want but its not necessary.
  • If you're talking about a CD, then yes, you can. As of right now, I have 530 songs in my iTunes library. 450+ of those songs are from my own CD's. You just put the CD in, click the import button, then five minutes later, the songs are in your iTunes library. Then, you have to plug your iPod into your computer using the USB cable that it comes with, then you have to register your iPod with your computer, then you're allowed to import all of your songs into your iPod.
  • iTunes will rip it from your CD's for you if you want or you can use Windows Media Player and rip them to MP3 format and import them into iTunes. If they are already on your computer in MP3 format, you can point iTunes to that directory and import them into iTunes. Once you have the songs in iTunes that you want on your iPod, plug your iPod into the computer and sync it. iTunes will always overwrite the content of the iPod, it can never go the other way without third party software.
  • yes I have did it

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