• Call the vet to make sure.
  • No, I've seen dogs eat stranger things than that. If you're concerned it might cause intestinal blockage then mix a little Metamucil and water in an eye dropper and give it to him. He should be ok.
  • My beagle has frequently eaten some of the stuffing out of a dog toy and it just passes right through her (shows up in the stools). Keep an eye on your dog, make sure it's still "going" normally and call your vet if anything unusual arises. . .
  • My dog used to get into the garbage all the time and tear up feminine pads!! Nothing happened to him, but you never know so just keep an eye out for him acting strange.
  • My dog did that too. She was fine. She was a pomeranian so that is a pretty small dog and nothing happend to her. She also ate a lot of paper and the crotch out of every pair of pantyhose my mother had.
  • Hint: Dogs are very attracted to used feminine items of this nature!! The scent and other things unknown to me makes them enjoy finding and playing and chomping on them. It is gross, but obviously not to dogs. Besides, male dogs at least, their lick a couple of places on their bodies that I would not lick on my body, so go figure.
  • If it IS cotton there should be no big problem with it passing through. The possible problem lies in that with many of these products it is NOT cotton. (IT should still pass) Right before the big Toxic Shock issue came about...there was one product JUST INTRODUCED TO THE MARKET!!!(what a coincidence eh...NOT) that had FIBER GLASS as part of it's make-up...this was a tampon...and they got pulled from the stores REAL FAST. I had gotten a "sample" in the mail DID NOT READ the list of components used to make it and about 5 minutes into trying it out developed the most intensely painful, fiery, burning sensation I could ever a location I NEVER would want to even consider feeling such a feeling! About 10 minutes after REMOVING the offensive product...the pain went away...I DID read the box then...and could not believe what it had IN IT. No wonder! Since dogs; and some cats too, see this as a divine monthly delight...I suggest that you wrap a bit of T.P. around "IT" and just take it out to a trash can they cannot access at all. Save yourself some worry, possible embarrassment, and the thrill of having to clean up the shredded bits and pieces.
  • look for the string and pull. If it starts an outboard motor you need to watch your dogs diet a whole lot closer. It should past without problem.
  • My pekingese just ate a tampon, and I am freaking out. I tried to make him up chuck by sticking my fingers down his throat and to avail. He won't give it back! I am a bit scared. Any ideas?
  • Oh's not just a male dog challenge...almost ANY DOG will go after used feminine products, it's like a moral imperative to them or something! lol Some CATS will also do it...more the cardboard or plastic applicator than the actual used item..they ROLL so nicely when batted about! I once found a STASH of cardboard applicators behind the couch...of course, the day we pulled it out for a new one to be delivered WITH the delivery men standing there...(trying not to laugh and smirk) (and of course I would vacuumed under the couch...but the little gizmos were all pressed up against the floorboard at the back of the couch...I even knew WHICH CAT had done it since I'd already caught him carrying one around..and took it from him, but he was evidently far more committed to them than I realized at the time!) <five shades of red for me> There WAS, for a very brief time, a product that had (God help us) spun FIBERGLASS in it...THAT would be very dangerous for any animal to chew upon. However, since it was quickly shown that the product CAUSED TSS..and also caused a horrible burning in many was pulled within about a month of hitting the stores, over 10 years ago. As suggested, either keep a good covering on the bathroom can, or wrap them up and place in a secure trash that the dog cannot get into!
  • It is not just dogs that pursue this 'treasure'; I have witnessed humanbeings, rats, cats, monkeys, & kadukus, all pursue garbage bags that have the content of female sanitary items. Im ashamed to say, but this is what happens in crowded cities.
  • If my two mutts get away with eating my wifes cooking,i don't think you have nothing to worry about
  • My female husky is obsessed...I mean it. She pulls pads out of the can like a kid with a cookie jar. I can't even wrap them up in tp or the little plastic wrappers they come with, she either eats them too or figures out a way to get them out. I even tried stuffing them into empty tp rolls, she's a puzzle genius. She doesn't just stop there. She eats my little brother's dirty diapers too. Its a new thing, she's only been doing it about a week now but any time I walk out of the room shes back in the trash. I'm afraid it may be involved with pregnancy? She was a stray and she's not fixed. I don't know if she really is pregnant, but she's getting fat and eating everything in sight. It's a little embarrassing, incredibly disgusting, and a pain in the butt to clean. But I haven't discovered any real hazard in her eating these things.

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