• I certainly hope this is not the wave of the future. It means that Hollywood has really lost it. No new ideas or just greed, I guess. Everything is a promotion for a product. I hate it. Vote with your feet and don't go.
  • Battleship would take place during some form of blackout condition (fog bank, solar eclipse) where the only way for the opposing sides to fight eachother is to fire randomly and listen for direct hits.
  • God I hope not! Sounds as interesting as watching paint dry. But if memory serves there was a Star Trek episode from the campy original series where a planet they visited was at war and the two opposing sides had supercomputers that would calculate which lives would be lost in simulated attacks back and forth between sides. On this planet if you were on the receiving end of one of these attacks you had to a station to be terminated. I think it was supposed to save on collateral damage or something like that. Can't imagine that'd work too well in reality but Hollywood types sure seemed to do an awful lot of drugs in the 60s and musta thought their audiences might be gullible enough to buy it. Seems like history is repeating itself in a lot of unimaginative ways.

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