• As an EXPERIMENT nothing I would really attempt, I would detach all three wires and try touching them together to see 'what happens'. Since I have no idea what the colors of the wires are. I would be hard pressed to suggest combination that might work. One would run the starter - thus that wire would have to be detached once the motor turns over and catches. The other wires would need to be connected as long as you want the machine to operate. However you really do not need to do this sort of experiment. You most likely can unclip the wires from the three prongs, undo the nut that is holding the ignition key plug thingy and take that to a lock smith who will be able to either make a new key or make a key and reset the tumblers inside. It costs far less to take it to a lock smith than to have the locksmith come to you. Edit Addition: BTW I am most reluctant to give combination of possible wire colors to try crossing since I am uncertain that the legality of that advice would be. telling somebody how to hotwire a device may be illegal, I do not know.

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