• TFT refers to 'thin-film-transistor', which is superior to plain LCDs in that they tend to switch pixel color much faster (eliminating the blurriness that you see on plain LCDs and also providing for smaller pixels, giving you better clarity although not necessarily brightness) It's almost impossible to buy a plain LCD monitor new these days; the technology is outmoded. 17" is the size of the -viewable area- of your monitor, measured diagonally across a square screen, not counting black bars on any given side. Widescreen/16:9 aspect ratio screens are measured giving both width and height. TFT variants are what are used on LCD televisions as well, although they have tweaked them a bit to give them a broader angle of view (you probably notice if you look at your monitor from any position other than straight it becomes almost impossible to see). They have gone as high as 65" so far.

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